PercussionSpirit Winter 2017 Ensemble/Percussion/Drumset/Theory/Aural Classes

冬季新班現已開始接受報名, 11月初確實每班上課時間, 請WhatsApp至9335 4235查詢及預約組新班時間.


PercussionSpirit Percussion Classes


上課形式: 班際教學, 一人一樂器(鼓/木琴), 每堂一小時, 學生人數於4-7人之間, 學費每堂$150.

導師: KC / Joey / Heidi



PercussionSpirit Drumset Classes

課程以美國著名音樂學院MI(Musicians Institute)教授之打鼓技術為基礎, 均衡地培養學生的視奏、協調、聆聽及合奏能力, 再以本地流行之音樂風格作練習藍本, 使學生與同伴夾Band時能得心應手。

上課形式: 班際教學, 一人一鼓 (所有鼓皆經過減噪音處理, 本中心會為各學生提供護耳裝備), 每堂一小時, 學生人數於4-7人之間, 學費每堂$150.

導師: KC



PercussionSpirit Grade 5 Theory Classes

本樂理班為報考皇家音樂學院5級樂理考試的學生而設. 課程由多位資深音樂教師設計,以令人深刻之講解及有系統之操練方法,令學生於短時間內掌握好樂理考試之答題竅門。

每堂一個半小時, 學生人數於5-7人之間, 學費每堂$140. 全期12堂學費為$1680.

導師: Ally / BL / KC

PercussionSpirit Advanced Aural Classes

本聽音班為報考皇家音樂學院6級以上考試的學生而設. 導師有豐富指導合唱團的經驗, 課程以歌唱角度去練耳. 學生可從此課程中提高音準, 視唱, 和弦辨別和樂曲鑑賞之能力。

每堂一小時, 學生人數於4-7人之間, 學費每堂$120. 全期12堂學費為$1440.

導師: BL / KC

PercussionSpirit Basic Theory & Aural Classes

本樂理班為所有學西洋樂器之學生而設, 需應付校內音樂科考試的學生亦可參加. 課程目的在提高學生之讀譜及聽音能力, 以協助其樂器演奏及音樂鑑賞。

每堂一小時, 學生人數於4-7人之間, 學費每堂$120. 全期12堂學費為$1440.

導師: BL / KC

報名或查詢, 請致電或WhatsApp: 9335 4235, 或電郵至[email protected]

For registration or enquiries, please call/WhatsApp: 9335 4235, or email to [email protected]


PercussionSpirit Music Centre is specially tailored for percussion enthusiasts. The aim of the centre is to let every percussion lover stretch his musical ability and enjoy the fun of playing percussion ensemble with each other.

The centre provides numerous types of services including instrumental instruction, ensemble coaching, percussion performance, music promotion, outreach programs with other organizations and schools, etc. We cater the learning needs of different social classes by encouraging group instruction. Our over-10-years experienced instructor team is keep evolving a group instruction method which values economy, efficiency, fun and catering students with different backgrounds.

The centre is located at Cheung Sha Wan district, where is easy to get to by public transportation. The place is spacious and comfortable. Vast amount of percussion instruments are available for classes, practice and ensemble. Have fun!

We have worked with the following organizations:
Leisure and Cultural Services Department – Theme-based percussion ensemble performances
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals – E Major music programme for the elderly / Recycled percussion workshop for youth
Po Leung Kuk – Recycled percussion workshop for children
Dah Chong Hong – Percussion performance training for employees
Saturday Night Jazz Orchestra – Jazz music workshop


Phone / WhatsApp: 9335 4235

Fax: 30 075 085

Email: [email protected]

Click here to see the centre location.

Early Childhood Music Classes

The centre’s partner company Rhythmie Music provides early childhood music classes for children of ages 3-5. Please click here for details.

Instrument Rentals

The centre provides instrument rental services. Please click here for details.

Mallets Dealership

The centre is currently an authorized dealer of Marimba One and Encore Mallets. Please visit our online store page for details.

Examination Venue

The centre provides venue rental service for students who are taking the ABRSM Percussion examination.

The service includes: Examiner pick-up, pre-exam practice, instrument rental, venue preparation. The fee is:

$700 (Grade 8 level or below, includes an hour of pre-exam practice and two instruments)
$1200 (Diploma level, includes an hour of pre-exam practice and all required instruments)

You may make a booking when you are asked by HKEAA to provide venue options.

Room Rentals
The centre provides room rental services for practice / recording / performance uses.

Please click here for details.

Note: Smoking is not allowed in the rooms.


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